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NB/PEI Chapter June 22, 2004 Moncton

  I N V I T A T I O N

Tasting events are held in Halifax on the third Tuesday of each month.  Beginning soon, meetings and tastings will be held regularly in New Brunswick (or PEI).

Halifax March 2005 Event

AGM time at  the Ramada Hotel Burnside.  Tuesday, March 22nd   6:30 pm for 7 pm.  $20.  The short (relatively) business meeting will be followed by great wines (relatively) and fine snacks from Vince Snyder's team.  Call Jeff Pinhey 902-425-5218 to reserve.

Saint John January/February 2005 Event

The first ASAP NB/PEI tasting of 2005 has been rescheduled from January to:

Monday February 28th, 7 pm at Grannans Restaurant Upstairs, Market Square, Saint John. The wines will be Pinot Noirs. Ten dollars gets you informal fun with wines and some snacks. Guests will include Janis Grannan (hopefully!) and perhaps one or two other Grannan's people

Please confirm by contacting Craig Pinhey at 647 8466 or brufrog@nb.sympatico.ca

Halifax July ASAP Event

Tasting Notes for the Cahors tasting at McKelvie s in Dartmouth on Tuesday, July 20th; notes compiled by Mark DeWolf and Chris Makin.

Opening wines for the event were graciously donated by Sharlene Ellis (Robilan Imports). The wine was the Tommasi Soave, which showed true to form. A pleasant summer evening wine with some of the almond aromas and flavours the region is famous for.

The event was a modified blind tasting. Larry provided notes on the region and a list of wines being poured. They ranged from 1996 to 2001. The ringer for the evening was brought by Jeff Pinhey.

Wine #1 The wine was plum colour, had good clarity and a youthful brilliance. Not the most powerful nose of the evening, but pleasant. Aromas of the wine included licorice/nib, violet, and other sweet fruit. The palate mimicked the nose; pleasant but not complex. On the palate more impressions of licorice/cherry, floral notes came through. The wine was light to medium in body with good acidity and mild tannins. This was Chris s summer picnic wine fresh, clean but not thought provoking. 2001 Chateau de Ceret

Wine #2 This was my wine to describe for the evening. I kept going back to the wine hoping it would tell me a story, but it wouldn t even give me the first line. By appearance alone this wine stood out as being less intense, and also less brilliant than the last wine making me think it has a little more age. The nose was shy with faint aromas of cherry, earth and for me a quality I get in a lot of Portuguese wines (violet or rose petal??). The palate was again light in weight with some very light pitty fruit, and a lot of acid and astringent flavours relative to the fruit character. The tannins were more prevalent in the first sip versus the last; this wine was becoming old quickly. 2000 Chatons du Cedre

Wine #3 DON T PUT IN MOUTH was exclaimed from Jeff across the table. The wine was badly cork tainted. I must be picking up bad habits from my baby daughter, and decided to put it in my mouth anyways. I think this wine would have been one of the better ones of the evening. It had good weight and structure, lots of acidity and some rich earthy character. 1999 Chateau LaRose Rouge

Wine #4 Rich dense colour, black cherry with oxblood core. There were some indications of age on the rim as well. The nose was rich and complex, offering lots of floral character, perfume, spice, ripe cherry and earth. The wine itself was fleshy with lots of plum fruit and cherries with some drying/grippy tannins and moderate acidity. This wine stood out in the evening as having the best balance of weight to tannins amongst the Cahors wine. My wine of the evening. 1998 Chevalier de la Rose Rouge

Wine #5 Light cherry in colour with some browning on the rim. The nose affirmed the appearance, showing some must, earth, caramel, and spice. The palate was light and thin, and although the wine still had good acidity, and some grape tannins there wasn t enough fruit character in the wine for these elements. 1996 Chevalier de la Rose Rouge

Wine #6 The wine appeared youthful, with dense plum colour and purple meniscus. A slight haziness in the wine, indicating it might be unfiltered. The nose while original offensive (wet gym socks) became complex with game, earth, leather, toffee, dust and that Portuguese floral quality (violets or rose???). A trend was definitely emerging on the palate of these wines. The wine was light to medium in body but high in acidity and tannins. There was some light cherry and raspberry characters on the palate, but a little overwhelmed by the structural elements. Is there enough fruit??? 2000 Comte Andre de Monpezat

Wine #7 Incredibly rich dense almost inky colour. The nose showed some definite new world style. It had lots of ripe fruit, menthol, pine, green spice and perfumed sweet oak. The palate was full with lots of rich dark berry fruit, strong tannins (both grape and wood), perfume from the oak, moderate acidity and some alcohol heat in the finish. Most pegged this as the ringer. It was. 2001 Broquel Malbec from Argentina

Wine #8 This wine had a moderate depth of colour (black cherry), and appeared youthful and clean. Aromas were typical of others described in the flight. There was a dusty earthy character, sweet fruit, cedar, floral and my nose was convinced when Amy described crayon in the nose (an aroma I m sure to get used in the not too distant future). The palate was again light to medium in body, with high acidity and some fine tannins. Is there enough fruit??? 2001 Chateau St. Didier Parnac

Wine #9 Dark cherry, showing signs of age and a slight haze evident. The nose reminded me of 2001 Ontario, with some roasted nut character (or maybe that was some nutty/toasty French oak), intermixed with some leafiness, game and leather. The palate was earthy with evidence of Malolactic fermentation, decent acidity, good tannins with a little bit of a hot finish. 1998 Closerie de Regagnac

Wine #10 Opaque, murky and browning. This wine provoked a lot of discussion about whether it was acetic or madeirized? I voted for madeirized , because of the nutty and moldy elements I was getting in the nose. Larry was making a strong case the other way. Either way it wasn t pleasant. 1999 Caveau des Rouges

Wine #11 Black cherry, with moderate to full depth of colour and showing the initial signs of age. The nose showed some definite tertiary character. There was soya, leather, toffee, earth, game, a light nutty character and some green spice. The palate was again only light to medium weight, a little tired giving way to some oxidized character. Some tannins still persisted, but fruit character in the wine was quickly vanishing. 1999 Chateau de Haut Serre

All in all a great tasting. Thanks to Larry Graham for putting on a good show. I went in thinking the wines from Cahors were going to be tannic, earthy and weighty. Two out of three ain t bad.

Minutes of ASAP NB/PEI Chapter Founding Meeting  -  June 22, 2004

Purpose - The general purpose of setting up a New Brunswick / Prince Edward Island chapter of the Association of Sommeliers in the Atlantic Provinces is

A.) To provide a necessary service and unification of memberson a local and central basis.

B.) To have no intent whatsoever to compete with or becomethe main body of the ASAP.

C.) To enhance the present organization, increasemembership, promote member participation in associationfunctions, and provide bilingual service where possible.

Temporary Executive - 

Kent Clarke - Sommelier, Riverview, NB
Linda Dickie - Sommelier, Charlottetown, PEI
Allain Lanteigne - Sommelier, Caraquet, NB
Colette St Pierre - Sommelier, Moncton, NB

The first official meeting of the ASAP NB/PEI Chapter was held June 22nd 2004 at the NB Community College on Mountain Road, Moncton NB with thirteen members in  attended. The meeting waslead by Kent Clarke of Moncton NB and Linda Dickie of Charlottetown, PEI recorded the minutes.

The meeting began with a quick self-introduction of all attendees.

Wally Fraser, representing ASAP from Halifax, NS brought greetings from ASAP.

Association Name - 

Association of Sommeliers  in the Atlantic Provinces, New Bruinswick/Prince Edward Island Chapter 

Executive Structure - 

Four Directors

 Minutes -

Minutes of each meeting to be recorded and published by email to members

Membership - 

Membership is open to anyone who is interested in wine, including  wine industry reps, restaurant industry(chefs, service staff, managers, and owners), keen hobbyists in wine, and liquor commission/corporation staff.

Only certified sommeliers may vote at meetings or serve on the Executive .


An annual General Meeting for entire ASAP membership.

Executive Meetings to be held monthly on the first Tuesday of the month  These meetings will be followed by a tasting event. Members must pre register for all tasting events. Meetings


The Chapter will handle their own finances (collecting dues, money from tasting events, etc.) The main body of ASAP will bill the chapter for any joint expenses. .

Membership dues

$100.00 Corporate Members

$50.00 for Sommeliers and others


Regular tasting events, a vision statement, promote education, involve wine industry, move around tasting events and educational seminars in the 2 provinces of NB and Nova Scotia, and work with liquor boards.

Issues common to the industry -

- Setting rates to be charged for Sommelier Services, controlling and policing the criteria for teaching wine courses and the ethics involve. As this may be difficult to do we must concentrate on promoting ASAP and its members as professionals providing set criteria and standards.

Working with NBLC or PEILC

We should  work with the NBLC and PEILC to obtain common goals

Bilingual service to our members

We will, with the assistance of bilingual members, provide bilingual services where possible


The meeting was followed by a blind tasting of 6 red wines.

Minutes compiled by Linda Dickie, Sommelier

For further information contact:

Kent Clarke, Temporary Pres. (e-mail clarkek (at) nbnet.nb.ca) 

Halifax ASAP June Event

The June event was a challenging tasting of fine wines from France. Here was the line-up:

Mas de Libian 2001 AC Cotes du Rhone Villages
Domaine le Murmurium 2002 AC Cotes du Venteaux
Domaine des Aires Hautes 2001 AC Minervois
Chateau Saint-Cyrques 2001 AC Costieres de Nimes
Chateau Saint Germain 2002 AC Coteaux du Langnedoc
Chateau Grand-Jean 2000 AC Bordeaux Superieur
Chateau Grand-Jean 2000 AC Bordeaux
Chateau Moulin Pey-Labrie 2000 AC Canon Fronsac
Antoine Oiseau 2000 AC Cotes du Rhone
Domaine le Murmurium Carpe Diem 2001 AC Cotes du Ventoux

Wayne Johnson, Sommelier, was top taster of the evening and took home an outstanding half bottle of Chablis.

Halifax ASAP May Event

The event for May 2004 was a gourmet meal accompanied by fine aged white Burgundies from the cellar of Claude Aucoin. 

The event was held at the Digby Pines Hotel. 

Halifax ASAP April Event

The event for April featured Phil Laffer, the 2002 Australian Winemaker of the Year who presented a variety of Jacob's Creek wines, some not available in these parts.

The Jacob's Creek 2002 Reserve Chardonnay was beautifully rich and well-balanced with a touch of citrus.

Jacob's Creek 2001 Shiraz / Cabernet had a nice touch of spice on the mid-palate.  This is a food-friendly wine, like many Australian blends.

The Jacob's Creek 2001 Shiraz had more spice, and plummy flavours, on a light to medium body.

Jacob's Creek 2001 Reserve Cabernet had lots of fruit and plenty of tannins.  This wine will benefit from more time in the bottle.

The 2001 Reserve Shiraz from Jacob's Creek had lots of colour and body and lovely stinging pepper and spice.

Halifax ASAP March Event

The event for March 2004 was Pinot all over the World, a single blind tasting.

The Greys were:

1999 Trimbach Reserve Pinot Gris (Alsace)  $21
2002 F. von Keller Pinot Grigio, Alte Adigio (Italy)  $21
2003 Bodega Lurton Pinot Gris, Mendoza (Argentina)  $12
2000 Villa Wolf Pinot Gris, Pfalz (Germany)  $13
2002 i Freudi Romans Pinot Grigio, Fruili (Italy)  $29
2002 Mission Hill Family Estate Pinot Gris, Okanagan           (Canada)  $16

The favourite of the tasters in this flight was the Freudi from Friuli

The reds were:

2000 Lamblin et fils, Passetoutgrain, Burgundy, (France) $19
2001 13th Street Funk Pinot Noir, Niagara (Canada)  $29
2002 Coldstream Hills Pinot Noir, Yarra (Australia) $36
2000 Santa Barbera Pinot Noir, Santa Ynez (USA)  $23
2001 Salentein Reserve Pinot Noir, Valle de Uco, Mendoza (Argentina) $45
1998 Dom. Guy Dufouleur Nuit-St. Georges, Cte-d'Or, Burgundy (France)  $33 (on sale)

Favourite among the reds was the G.H. Funk Pinot from Niagara.

Tastings in New Brunswick and Prince Edward Island are now being scheduled.

For further information watch this space or contact:




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